Cardinal won the World Series

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And today they had a big parade in the downtown St. Louis, from Union Station to the Busch Stadium. I took the newly completed metro link from Brentwood to the Stadium; and it took an hour to get there because there are too many people taking the train. Unlike the metro (subway) in Shanghai, the light railway here was not designed for that many people: it only has two cars; people here are not willing to move closer to let more people in (spoiled American?); I did see the parents have to leave the train in the middle because their kid got sick. You know Americans are all used to the A/C and bigger rooms at home and in the car. Other than that, the Parade and celebration is great for the city and the region. It’s 24 years since this town won last World Series. An interesting number in Chinese zodiac, isn’t it?

cardinals parade       

Among the Cardinal players, I think I like David Eckstein the most. Here is what he said after got the MVP award.

“No one believed in us, but we believed in ourselves,” Eckstein told reporters. “It was a total team effort.

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