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I organized the links at the right side a little. Now I have the following categories. The link ends with * means you can not get access to it inside China, thanks to the GFW.

BLOG: the blogs I read often, most of them are written by my friends.

gseeker: I like this Chinese blog about google very much. The author spend lots of effort tracking what’s going on at Google: from people from google jump ship to facebook, to Google Finance stockscreener.

CHINA: China in Chinese and English, from business, economy, jobs to travel.

FINANCE: financial blogs and magazines.

MoneyCourier: it’s a Chinese blog talking about the mutual funds in China A share. Most Chinese stock or Finance blog are full of crap (talking about making fast money), this one is exception.

LINKS: I put anything else into “links” category. The topic ranges from business to life to technology.

MAJOR: my own stuff.

PRO: blogs written by professionals, i.e., money mangers, mutual fund manager, venture capitalist (VC) etc.

Zhuping: I recommend this one to you. Mr. Zhu is the VP, CIO of a major mutual fund company in China, more importantly, he talked about value investing.

Danbin: a hedging fund manager in China. He is a rare commodity in China hedging funds because he is also a value investor (at least he is talking about that all the time).

SHANGHAI: stuff about shanghai.

ST. LOUIS: stuff about Saint Louis, my current home

I will continue to refine this as times goes. Note I will remove links to “blogs” which is not active (say, not updated in last 2 months).

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