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Saw this article from my friend Liu Shuhui’s blog. I think it’s kind of interesting because I thought my green card situation is very much like that. Not to mention the stocks, let’s don’t go there today 🙂





  1. Sometimes the consequences are too grave to allow us to wait on forever…

    In economics, they would refer to the already-wasted costs sunk costs, which would usually not be factored into any cash flow analysis. For some people, it’s rather common sense stuff.

  2. Yes now I recall the “sunk cost” taught in my accounting class last year. Unfortunately I think human being are not always rational in those kind of situations. There is emotion involved when “I already waited 20 minutes”, or “I already dated this girl for half a year”…

    On the other hand, I think there is also “opportunity cost” when we “do one thing”. I mean, time could be better spent “doing other things”. Again this is easily said than done, as indicated in the original article. 

  3. Howdy stlplace,

    What a poignant observation…

    While sunk costs are a little easier to identify, opportunity costs vary by individual preferences and hard to maintain a universal definition. Don’t we all what to make the best out of all the alternatives available to us? Then one’s best might be another’s worst.

    What it truly takes might be a little paradigm shift & courage to make/perceive things equally easy said and easy done? Isn’t that part of the fun living a meaningful life?

  4. Stlplace,

    Although never doubt that as a human being to be emotional quiet often, it is yet unsafe to parallel “I already waited for 20 min…” with “I already dated this girl for half a year…”. While it’s hard for you to control how long you will wait for the bus coming and you were just as a customer; how could you overlook you are a participant in the dating events if it begins with “mutual appreciation” but ends with “personality incompatibility”, not to say the happiness you have had and the lessons that you can get……

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