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By now I think most people are happy with the election being over. At least we don’t have to bear with the silly ads on the TV any more. While I am not a political junkie, I went to the Jim Talent’s US senate re-election party in Frontenac last night. I figured rather than watching the TV at home, why not join the party as I used to saw people (mostly supporters) gathering for their canidates. I just want to get a feel of election party, that’all. The reason I picked Talent’s party because it’s only 10 minutes drive for me (hint, I lived near republican strong hold, Ladue). Later on I learned that Mclaskill’s party offered free bear. There are many interesting people there; I will post pictures later on and let them do tht talk.

Wall Streets obviously did not like the Democrats taking over house (expected) and likely control of the senate (unexpected). But in my mind, other than those stocks heavily influenced by the goverment policies, i.e., drug, oil/gas, defense, health care, stem cell, alternative energy, most stocks are unaffected by this. Also, (little noticed), Wall Street’s biggest headache, Mr. Elliot Spitzer won the Governor race in New York. That means he will leave the Attorney General post. I bet many people in the Street will be very happy 🙂

On the immigration issue, it could be positive because Democrats are pro immigrants in general. This could means the revival of immigration reform bill currently deadlocked in congress. Note President Bush is for the bill. Can we expect getting Green Card faster? I would not speculate on it because it’s way too early to tell — note there are some conservative democrats got elected, and they could make things uncertain.

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