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I mean the stock (HMIN), not the motel because I am in the US now. I know it was a little speculative, but I think it’s ok to put 20% of my “mad money” into this even after the amazing run from $22 to as high as $34. I think there are many reasons account for this.

1) It has more than 100% year to year revenue growth; it’s opening new hotels like crazy. Initially I was a bit concerned with this kind of growth in China and I talked to a friend in 2nd tier city in China. My worry is the affordbility of RMB 180 room rate in 2nd tier or inland cities because the wages in coast cities are much higher than inland cities. It seems not a big problem. On the other hand, I think they (Rujia) got better rate for real estate and labor in those cities; in other words, I believe they can maintain the profit margin.

2) The analogy of China/US top chain hotel market share: top 10 US hotel chains have 60% US market share; currently top 10 China hotel chains have 6% of the China market share. This got many people excited about its potential growth. I noticed from Yahoo Finance that there are two articles on WSJ on this lately (although I have not read it). I heard about the following rule to spot the top of a stock: when a company (and its founders/CEO) is mentioned in all these business magzines, it may be at peak. But I think Home Inns is not there yet. Hotel is pretty boring concept in the US. Wall Street analysts just started to get excited on this.

3) From consumer point of view, I think it’s attracting people who used to stay at 3-star hotels (high end) and Zhao Dai Shuo (low end). 3-star hotels in China used to cost RMB400, but with promotion now you can get it for little more than 200. The Zhao Dai Shuo cost less than 150, but they don’t get private bathroom, free Internet…I think Home Inns got a lot business travellers from both of them.

In summary, I know I made a mistake by selling it too early, but it’s not too late to buy HMIN at its current price (32.50 to 33). Yes, from traditional valuation point of view, it’s insane to buy a stock with PE of 160 . But remember at one point, was Google a stock like that? The most important is, they need to deliver the growth as expected.

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