Home Inns experience: the good, the bad

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here is a happy Home Inns customer (from Google Finance). On the other hand, here is a not-so-happy Home Inns customer, Kunwei, who (I believe) has stayed in the US and Singapore for an extended period time before returning to China. So how do we make all of these? Not too much. The thing I want to say… Continue reading Home Inns experience: the good, the bad

Found a Bug in Home Inns Rujia

Reading Time: 2 minutes I’m sorry being a flip-flopper here, because I was bullish on its stock until last Thursday. But like many things in life, I think sometimes it’s worthwhile to have a second look, this is especially true on investment. It’s no good to hold on a stock “no matter what”, or “fall in love with a stock or a company”,… Continue reading Found a Bug in Home Inns Rujia

Check into Home Inns HMIN again

Reading Time: < 1 minute I bought some Home Inns (HMIN) again yesterday. Not surprisingly the stock dropped after I bought it, as things usually happen that way. But my time frame is from couple months to couple years, so I am not worried. The recent weakness of the stock is expected due to the new offerings and lock up expiration.… Continue reading Check into Home Inns HMIN again

Spam Messages from Home Inns HMIN

Reading Time: < 1 minute Occasionally I received spam text messages from unknown people. People want to sell cars, apartments, etc. But yesterday I got a message from Home Inns (Rujia), it promotes the post “Golden week”(May 1 to 7) sales: it will give one night free during May 6 to 10 if I stay in their hotels for 3 nights. I can not… Continue reading Spam Messages from Home Inns HMIN

More about Home Inns and Mindray

Reading Time: 2 minutes Home Inns (HMIN) and Mindray (MR) both reported their Q3 earning last week. I listened to both the conference calls. HMIN obviously did better with revenue growth: RMB 160.4 m, 106.3% year over year growth. Mindray’s revenue growth was 21.6% because of the anti-corruption campaign in Chinese hospitals. I think that growth factor determined the stock… Continue reading More about Home Inns and Mindray

Bubble is building

Reading Time: < 1 minute Home Inns (Rujia, ticker symbol HMIN), which is due to IPO this week, is getting $ 1.0 billion orders for its $ 95 million listing (7.9 million shares in the range of $ 10 to 12, with over allocatement option of 1.185 million shares). See the article from Reuters here. Does anyone has the order vs.… Continue reading Bubble is building