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I came back to St. Louis today. The weekend San Jose trip was great; both the weather and everything else. I got to see the Montery Bay, which includes 17 miles drive and world famous Pebble beach (golf course). Not to mention the Chinese food etc. As a guy in the tech industry, I always have great respect for Sillicon Valley and its entrepreneurships. There are just too many familar names: from big players such as Yahoo, Sun Micro, Cisco, Adobe to smaller ones such as Tivo, Redback Networks, Foundry Networks, Hyperion…Today’s San Jose Mercury News featured a little known startup called PanDigital which makes the LCD picture frame: it has only about 10 people in San Jose, and it oursourced manufacturing and support to China and India respectively; it is expected to sell 50,000 units with $50 million revenue. The key component is a chip which stores and shows the digital photos. I started to appreciate the innovation of chip: software combined with hardware really make the difference in our digital lives.

St. Louis is cold, and still covered with snow. Tomorrow is going to be warmer.  

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