Heelys and Web 2.0

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I did a little “Heelys” search on couple web 2.0 sites. First the flickr, it has 70 pictures; interestly, I searched “Crocs shoes” and it has about 670 photos. I noticed Crocs are everywhere in the stores and malls these days.

(Update 09Feb07) Flickr has 119 pictures as of today.

MySpace, the popular teen blogging site, has a team heelys page. I think this is sponsored by the market dept of the company. The user can join the demo team if he/she is real good. The page has 873 “friends”. This is my first visit to MySpace by the way.

(Update Jan23, 2007) Team Heelys Friend has 1021 friends.

(Update Feb27, 2007) 1104 friends.

YouTube, which generated lots of noise couple months ago when being bought out by Google, has this cool video to demonstrate what you can do with Heelys.

I also saw some knockoff products on eBay. Here is one. Note it titled “heelys style”. It seems to me easier to copy Heelys than Crocs because Crocs uses a special material, while people can copy Heelys mechanism just by analyzing it.

More about knockoff, I read an interesting comment at Zappos, a parent said”my kid worn off the heelys very quickly when learning to heel, should have bought a knockoff one for practice before buying the real stuff”. The real one is at least $59.99. I had to admit I have not bought sports shoes at/above that price…

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