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The malls are packed with people these days, and finding a parking spot is not easy. While online shopping is becoming a norm in this web 2.0 era, it seems to me the joy of windows shopping can not be replaced by the mouse click. OK, here are the list of things I considered to be cool in this holiday season. Note I am not affiated with any of the following companies, i.e., I won’t get paid if you click on the link. These are just from my objective view. With that in mind…

1) Gadget: iPod nano (AAPL, the stock ticker), yes, they are not new (generation two now), but with the Nike Shoe kit, you can record your jogging data with nano and upload it to your PC/Mac, isn’t that cool?

2) Shoes: Crocs (CROX) for summer and Heelys (HLYS) for other seasons.

3) Sports Apparel: Under Armour (UARM), although they don’t have endorsments from Lebron, Dywane, Tracy, Kevin, Tim or Yao, they are much cool than Nike, Addidas and Reebock.

Of course, there is something money can not buy, for anything else, there is MasterCard (MA) or Google (GOOG) Checkout.   

Crocs Shoes

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