How Much Have I Changed in 6 Years?

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I have started working for about 6 years. Although I worked for the same employer and stayed in the same city, I can tell some of my changes in all these years.

First is hobbies. I used to be crazy about the cars. I can tell the most cars’ make and model on the street, except some classic models in 50s and 60s. I spent a lot of time on the web reading all the reviews, checking out cars in the dealers’ parking lot. And once I even bought and returned a car. We all know returning things to stores is relatively easy in the States, but returning cars is not, and I highly recommend readers not do that. This hobby faded away since I bought my condo, and I started looking more carefully about my personal finance situation. I think I still like the new car smell, but if I have to take a loan with interest to buy it, I won’t.

My perception about “start up my own business”. I have lots of plans and actually started doing something about it. But I realized I am not very good at execution and sometimes I felt it’s just too hard to build a successful business from ground up. One friend told me the success rate is 8% for small business. I am still hopeful about this, and right now I am focus on investment in the stock market, which I like and believe I have some edge.

My “understanding about business and finance”. I don’t have any real business experience before I came out of graduate school in 2000. I still don’t in terms of sales and marketing exprience in established companies because I am in development. But from time to time, as I read the book, newspaper, magzine, compared to what I saw in the work place and daily life, I started to appreicate how business works in the States. The branding, logistics, scale, innovation and finance…all these pieces come together and in many ways defines how we work and live: computers, Wal-mart, Fedex, iPod, stocks, futures, options, gas prices, China, and the US…I think we can all learn a lot about business even if we don’t attend business school.  

I am sure I have changed a lot at personal level. Some good and some bad. One thing is I started to appreciate the kids. Ten years ago I won’t have much patience to play with my big bro’s daughter, today I will be more willing to play with my second niece.    

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  1. While we are relishing in our progress of getting older and wiser….one mustn’t forget that it were those precious experiences that molded us and made us what we are today.

    In my opinion, one of the positive changes that one continues to discover in him/herself is the expanded horizon of the perspectives—getting more tolerant of diverging points of view, appreciating better of other people’s way of life and turning back to oneself more for sound judgment and undisturbed focus.

    Good luck to you in the new year. As to me, I have none of those resolutions…but one word that I need to concentrate on—focus.

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