Ninth Annual ICR XChange

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I listened to some sessions the Ninth Annual Integrated Corporate Relations (ICR) yesterday and today. This is a series of company presentations to the investing community usually attended by financial analysts. I listened the web cast through this link (they put achive there too). I noticed this event from Yahoo Finance (CROX).

Besides learning more brands (apparel, footwear and restaurant), I also learned more about how business grows.  Most participating companies are young, growing companies. By the way, those kind of investor conference call and company quarterly earning calls are excellent oppertunities to learn what’s going with a company. We can not do “store checking” for every company like I did with Heelys and Crocs 🙂   


  1. I have a simple request for you. If you were to summarize what you have learned/observed assuming that is incremental to what one could have learned via regular online/print reading about these companies, what would you say in 2 minutes?

  2. Some impressions:
    1) Brand, brand, brand. In consumer goods, brand is the key for success.
    Despite Sony made so many mistakes recently, they are still No. 2 coolest
    brands among teens (not Apple).

    2) From all the CEO/CFOs presentations, it seems everyone is doing great. I guess that’s one reason they are CXOs (be optimistic all the time). Seriously, I think it’s hard but rewarding to weed out real good companies from so-so companies. Everyone could have some hard time once a while, the key is to figure out whether it’s a temp issue or long term problem.

    3) I think Apparel and footwear are going to be tough as time goes. It’s just too crowded and they are mostly commodities (same material, similar style). I am looking for companies have competitive edge (R&D, new technology/process, things can not easily be duplicated).

  3. Thanks much for sharing your thoughts.

    What you have described above reminded me of a few Ps in the basics of Marketing.

    Promotion, People and Product & Positioning (what the total package is and what is unique about it)

    Wondering what else you might comment on other Ps such as

    – Pricing:

    – Place (or distraction channels or points of sale/service):

    – Process (or logistics):

  4. Oceanid,

    Actually knowing this is a “late” response, or you may not interview me:-). Just as a “person”, I believe that both consistency and innovation are important to measure a company’s success, while keeping one of them more vital to make a distinguishing feature…

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