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Reading Time: < 1 minute By Crocslized I meant the penetration rate of Crocs shoes. From today’s Crocs presentation at ICR XChange, Australia claimed the No. 1 spot in term of dollar spent on Crocs per capita (a.k.a., per person). Canada is second. US is not too far behind. China is also shown in the figure. So, take Australia as

January 16, 2008

Reading Time: < 1 minute What a crazy week. The market continued its downward spiral while we hear all kinds of bad news from economy front: from the credit crunch for big guys and little guys; AT&T CEO says some customers can not pay the phone bills; American Express (one of Berkshire’s core holding) had it biggest drop since year

January 11, 2008

Reading Time: < 1 minute I listened to some sessions the Ninth Annual Integrated Corporate Relations (ICR) yesterday and today. This is a series of company presentations to the investing community usually attended by financial analysts. I listened the web cast through this link (they put achive there too). I noticed this event from Yahoo Finance (CROX). Besides learning more brands (apparel, footwear and restaurant), I also learned more about

January 11, 2007
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