Don’t Take Experts Too Seriously

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Because I found those so-called experts are not real “experts”, I am talking about many “experts” appeared on CNBC, the business cable channel. Actually one of my friend who studied in Finance had a worse comment on CNBC (he heard it from his professor). But lately I started to appreciate what he meant. For instance, the wild popular “Mad Money” show done by Jim Cramer, a statistics shows if you act according to his recommending, basically you are stand still because 50% of his recommends turn out to be true. Considering there are people actually act after watching his show, his actual performance is not even 49%. But I do like his straight talk style and some of his analysis though.

Then here is the “Fast Money”, another show hosted by a CNBC reporter and four middle age fund manager/analyst. Incidentally they are all white. But I could not learn too much from their show. So nowadays I watch those shows mostly for entertainment. If I could learn something out of it, great; if not, I won’t be disappointed because I laughed 🙂

I think this applied to other fields, including academic, business, and technology. The point I try to make is “don’t follow experts blindly”.

Finanlly, I want to admit I am not expert on many things either. I may know a little about software, stocks, and business, but definitely not at the “expert” level. So don’t take too seriously on what I say here 🙂

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