Durable competitive edge

Reading Time: < 1 minute Buffett talks about “durable competitive edge” a lot. Here is a video (scroll down the article) he used Berkshire mill, the first major company he bought in 19060s, as an example to explain this concept. Also I watched the “Buffett goes global” show on CNBC in the weekend, I am sure CNBC will run it… Continue reading Durable competitive edge

Don’t Take Experts Too Seriously

Reading Time: < 1 minute Because I found those so-called experts are not real “experts”, I am talking about many “experts” appeared on CNBC, the business cable channel. Actually one of my friend who studied in Finance had a worse comment on CNBC (he heard it from his professor). But lately I started to appreciate what he meant. For instance,… Continue reading Don’t Take Experts Too Seriously