Post Office are Crowded

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Today I went to Post Office to mail something. I noticed there are lots of people, which is not unusual, because people want to get things done in the weekend. What surprised me a bit is there are many people applying for the Passports. This also makes sense to me because recently the goverment issues new rules that require US citizens carrying passports if they travel between Canada, Mexico, Carribean Islands and the States (they don’t have to show passports in the past).

But I think there is another reason. Did you notice the gas price dropped significantly lately? Today I saw unleaded gas as low as $1.87 per gallon. I don’t remember when I saw gas below $2 last time. Anyway I am not complaining here, nor do I try to predict how oil price will go next. I believe the lowering oil price means two things: more discretionary spending for consumers; (poentially) lower prices for airfare and cruise vacations. I think people are getting passport and vacation booked in advance to take advantage of this trend.

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