1. An interesting blog upon a quick glance. Thanks for sharing.

    Thought a few of his English posts were riddled with grammatical errors…not sure if that’s good given his unintentional influence.

    Not trying to be critical or harsh…but that would be my concern if I were him.

  2. Actually I was both impressed by the content and his command of English. Keep in mind he learned English mostly in China (I noticed he did spend some time in Seattle when he worked for Microsoft in China). If more and more Chinese young generation have English at his level, I think Haigui(s) will have one less advantage 🙂

  3. Let’s have a friendly debate…a totally innocent one.

    Do you honestly think that haiguis stand any real competitive advantages? Maybe your assumptions about language learning were flawed to begin with. The environment does play an important role but it’s the individual effort that matters the most. And who are we really competing against? When I was in Spain, I was awed by meeting people who could speak 3 to 4 languages fluently and accurately. Please broaden your horizon a little bit.

    If he does all his posts in English in an environment where most of his readers are fluent in English then those grammatical errors would not be a concern because the substance would be more favored.

    Honestly speaking, his command of English is questionable….

    Learning a language can neither be encouraged nor discouraged easily with a material different just because what others say or do. It takes perseverance to master a language. Period. No other short cuts or magic formulas.

    However once one starts broadcasting his/her messages and sharing their ideas with a group of people that may not have the ability of discerning the real quality of those messages especially the framework with which those messages are crafted.

    That person has a responsibility of re-evaluating his original innocent proposition.

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