Christmas 2008 in Shanghai

Reading Time: < 1 minute Forget about recession, check out the properity in Shanghai 🙂 For more pictures, visit my Shanghai_2008 albumn at yupoo.

Hangzhou Bay bridge to open

Reading Time: < 1 minute It’s official, the Hangzhou Bay bridge, which connects Ningbo (my hometown) and Shanghai (to be more precise, connects Ci Xi to Jiang Xing 南起浙江宁波慈溪市,北至浙江嘉兴海盐县), will open on this May, according to Ningbo goverment offical. Chinese news from Xinhuanet here. (source: sohu) At this time this is the longest sea crossing bridge in the world (36… Continue reading Hangzhou Bay bridge to open

Another typhoon

Reading Time: < 1 minute This one is for real. Here in Shanghai it started to rain yesterday afternoon; today the heavy wind sometimes make it impossible to walk. I saw numerous people flipped their umbrella. Just as I was thinking I’m lucky, my umbrella did the same thing. Zhongshan park (Kaixuan Rd.) Zhunyi Rd. & Changning Rd.

Shanghai south railway station

Reading Time: < 1 minute We went to the new (new to me) Shanghai south railway station yesterday. I was very impressed by the structure. It’s in deep constrast to the older Shanghai railway station (built in 1980s). The lights and landscape around the station are also very nice. Since I did not bring the camera, here are some pictures… Continue reading Shanghai south railway station

Buying house in Shanghai Series: II

Reading Time: 2 minutes First a little background. Like the Chinese stock market, the Chinese real estate market has a brief history and I talked it a bit in my previous E-House post. Also, China is a big country and the real estate market varies by region, for instance, the Shenzhen market is cooling down lately while Shanghai market… Continue reading Buying house in Shanghai Series: II

A new beginning

Reading Time: < 1 minute Last Friday (August 10) we got married at Shanghai Xuhui District marriage license office. The place we received the certificate and pledge (swear?) our oath.

Shanghai report: income vs. spending

Reading Time: 2 minutes Shanghai is an expensive city. I’m not talking about the red hot housing market, we all know the housing is getting very expensive here. I was talking about the relative income vs. spending. Income Yesterday evening an old friend of mine, who works for a investment research firm, told me a fresh graduate is paid… Continue reading Shanghai report: income vs. spending