Jinjiang Inn Hook up with Expedia

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Zhao Huan Yan published his January report for China domestic hotels industry. I am interested to learn some update on the economy chain such as Jinjiang Inns. I noticed Expedia, the leading US online travel consolidator, is establishing partnership with Jinjiang Inn. It seems foreigners can use expedia to book the Jinjiang Inn soon.

(Update 04Feb07) I looked up expedia, it appears you can book many 2.5 stars (and up) hotels in Shanghai right now, some of them are belong to Jinjiang group (such as the famous Peace Hotel in Nanjing Rd Bund). Have not seen Jinjiang Inn (or Jinjiang Stars yet).

I vaguely remember the foreigners make up about 7 to 8% of guests for Jinjiang and Home Inns (Rujia). This includes the foreigners already in China. In other words, I don’t expect Expedia Jinjiang partnership to give Jinjiang Inn a huge leg up in this “foreigners market”.

jin jiang Inn

On the other hand, relationship with a consolidator is a double edge sword. When Home Inns just started, they relied heavily on Ctrip, the No. 1 China travel consolidator. As a customer I got RMB 10 off if I booked through Ctrip. But later on I found if I become the platium member of Home Inns, I can get 12% off the room rate. The membership fee is about RMB 180 (one standard room rate). Without too much hazitation I signed up the membership. From Home Inns’ point of view, they pay RMB 30 to 40 to Ctrip if a customer if referred by Ctrip. No wonder Home Inns actively promote the membership programs after they established their brand. If they can get the room occupied without giving referral fee to Ctrip, they will be happy to make the money by themselves 🙂 

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