Jinjiang Inn and Jinjiang group

Reading Time: 2 minutes Before leaving I stayed at the Jinjiang Inn 锦江之星 near Zhongshan park, so I had an oppertunity to check out the current status of Jinjiang Inn. I stayed in Jinjiang Inn two years ago near Century park at Pudong. Overall I liked the setting, the furniture. It appears to me Jinjiang Inn is more luxurious… Continue reading Jinjiang Inn and Jinjiang group

Jinjiang Inn Hook up with Expedia

Reading Time: 2 minutes Zhao Huan Yan published his January report for China domestic hotels industry. I am interested to learn some update on the economy chain such as Jinjiang Inns. I noticed Expedia, the leading US online travel consolidator, is establishing partnership with Jinjiang Inn. It seems foreigners can use expedia to book the Jinjiang Inn soon. (Update 04Feb07) I looked up expedia,… Continue reading Jinjiang Inn Hook up with Expedia