Superbowl in Miami

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These days Superbowl is the biggest thing for sports fans and american public in general. I believe this is the show with most TV audience in the States. As you may know, people watch superbowl not just for the football. For lots of non football fans, the creative commercials (advertisement) are the main show here. TV finanlly can reclaim its dominance from “Internet advertising” and Google, for a few hours.

That’s good. The game will be played in Miami tonight. I visited Miami a few years ago, and I would say this is an interesting place for visit. First the weather in November is like Summer in Shanghai, humid and hot. Then comes the south beach, those small but unique restaurants, cafes, bars and hotels; and the artists and tourists. I did not realize that “South Beach” is also a fashionable place later on: from apparel to food. A few years ago “South Beach Diet” is quite popular thing in America. Of course basketball fans know Miami is also home to the NBA champion, Miami Heats, Dwyane Wade and Shaquille O’neal.

On a separate note, Superbowl is also being used by investors (speculators) to predict how market will go. Here is an interesting article from investortrip. I think this is mostly for fun.

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