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It’s Oscar time again. The show starts at 7:30 PM central time on ABC, it’s 5:30 PM at Kodak theater in Hollywood. This is probablly one of the most highest rated TV show in the States, just like the CCTV Spring Festival Show in China. It’s a tradtion. And full of fashion, as you may notice the Red Carpet coverage before the show.

I have watched this Oscar thing for a while. Being a Chinese, I hoped An Li would win the “best director” or “Crouching Tiger Hidden Draggon” would win the “best picture”. That did not happen. But last year his “Broke back Mountain” did win one of the award so I think most Chinese are happy now. Unless you are a die hard Zhang Yi Mou or Ziyi Zhuang’s fan, and want to see them win the academy. Speaking of Zhiyi, I was surprised by her well spoken English last year. I am sure she did not learn from New Oriental 🙂

My most memorable moment, though, was Julia Roberts won the Oscar best actress for her role in “Erin Brockowich” in 2001. I watched her “Pretty Woman” many years ago (1994?) in Shanghai, the movie was in English without Chinese caption. And we all know Julia is “American Sweetheart” but she never got the Academy award by 2001. I remember she was almost speechless when she got to the podium: just like a little girl got a much better gift for her Christmas (than she expected). I think people liked her because she is such an authentic person.   

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