Starbucks to Give Away Free Coffee

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Dripped coffee only, available 10 AM to noon Friday March 16 in participating stores in China, as I understand from this Yahoo news people in US already enjoyed it on March 15. Actually I heard it from my coworker first. Please don’t pass on to the people work in Cloud 9, as I don’t like wait in long line 🙂

Fun aside, I think Starbucks is doing extremely well in Shanghai. In the Cloud 9 there are 2 Starbucks, virtually shut out the competitor “Coffee Beans”. I saw that particular coworker had one cup everyday. But I tried to stay away from it due to various reasons. I am sure they won’t miss my business because there are so many coffee drinkers in China these days…

(Update Mar 16) At 10:12 AM, I am the No 51 to receive the coffee. There are about 50 people behind me now. Free stuff is always good, especially from Starbucks. 


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