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No I did not go back to school for MBA or something. Actually I went to a nearby school for lunch with my coworkers this noon. I have tried a few places inside the Cloud Nine building. They are not expensive but not cheap if we consider the 1:4 ratio I derived a while ago. And I need to keep the Ajisen Raman as my last choice so that I would not get tired of it as I did with Panera or Fazoli’s in St. Louis. My coworkers have similar feelings. So we went to the school cafeteria (or canteen) and I paid 9 Yuan for a very decent lunch.

The school we went for lunch was very famous and has a western name before 1949. It is one of the top law schools in China nowadays. Maybe someone can guess its name? Hint: the school is near Zhong Shan Park. 

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