Second Opinion

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These days the health care system, and the hospitals in China are under a lot critism. I believe the system got problem. There are some bad apples among doctors, and other people who are supposed to take care of patients rather than “take advantage of” them. Read this story from Wang Jianshuo if you have the patience. Unfortunately this is not an isolated incident.

Years ago I had bad experience with a doctor in USA. Later on I went to see another doctor. The result? The first doctor did make the wrong judgement. I think whenever we hear something real serious, or we don’t have trust in the doctor, we should seek second opinion. I understand this is not possible for everyone. But it will worth the trouble in many occasions. Imagine the girl went to see another doctor earlier in Wang Jianshuo’s story: how much pain and worry can be saved (note I intentionally took out money).  

Note a doctor can understate the condition as well as overstate the condition.

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