Things I don’t Like in Shanghai

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Enough praises for Shanghai, let’s look at the other side of the coin. 

Traffic, very few cars will stop and wait for pedestrains to pass, from time to time a bike would zip through (in front of) you;

Cigarette smoking is prevalent in restaurants, sometimes I think about smoking myself because I heard it’s safer than second hand smoke;

Wait in line at banks, I only waited at China Merchant Bank, one of the top banks in China, but still…

Spit on the street, dogs litter on the street (tie);

SPAM message being sent to my cell phone, (just like telemarketing people calling me at dinner time in the US), other human noises (fire cracks, construction) while I need sleep;

If you hold the door at the place (being polite), you will hold the door forever;

Shanghai does not have a mountain, not even a hill, same as St. Louis;

Advertisement everywhere, thanks to Focus Media, etc.

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