Got the Diplomat Luggage back

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I got the Diplomat luggage back. It took me quite a while to get to the elevator in “Si Chuang Da Sha”, because it’s 9 AM in the morning and obviously the building does not have enough elevators (lifts). This is something new to me but not to many Shanghainese: people lined up for the elevator. The good part is, I got my luggage case back, and it only cost me 20 Yuan (to install a wheel), which is the price of a big Mac. I will put on a picture later on. On serious part, I think the cheap labor in China help the low inflation in the US and other developed countries in a big way (cheaper goods).


I also met a guy who works for AllYes (recently acquired by Focus Media). He is still in college but he works for AllYes part time and plan to join them full time after graduation. I was impressed by his knowledge. Sometimes people born in 70s had some opinions about people born after 80, I think I need to correct my view.

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