Addict to Plastic

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I’m not talking about the credit card use (I’ve talked a bit in my previous posts). 

It appears to me Chinese are using more and more plastic bags for packaging: from the morning “Bao Zi” to “Ma La Tang” (Chong Qing hot pot) on the street.

This afternoon when I got a “coke” from McDonald (BTW, I found it to be a substitute for Starbucks), they put it in a plastic bag. I don’t know about the environment consequence here. Back in St. Louis’ Dieberg (grocery store), they will ask people if they prefer plastic or paper, and they have a box to recycle plastic bags. In the Trader Joe’s store, I found they will give you stickers (for drawing prizes) if you bring back the paper bags. I hope people in my home country could recycle the plastic too. 

On the other hand, I felt “the plastic trend” is a big postive for the pastic package makers such as Fuwei Film Holdings (FFHL). I’m sure there are other players in this arena too.

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