Gas Price is Up

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I saved an invoice of gas before the trip (early March), it was 2.379 per gallon. When I came back, it went up to 3.049 at the same Shell gas station at my neighbourhood. I don’t know what happened. Maybe I paid too much attention to the Chinese stock market and lose what’s happening in the middle east and Nigeria? One thing I do know is the crude oil price did not change too much during this period.

On a related matter, the US Postal Service, raised its first class mail from 39 cents to 41 cents. This did not impact me too much as I pay bills online or through bank transfer (without writing the check, put it in the envelop, put on the stamp, etc). That’s one reason I could be away from home without worrying about bill pay. Thanks to the wonderful Internet.

I also noticed the Fazzoli’s also raised its price a little: actually it removed the meal thing from the menu.

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