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Home Inns and Alibaba update

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I got some more Home Inns (HMIN) today. Nothing fundamental has changed at Home Inns, as I said in my previous post.

Separately, Ma Yun, the big mouth at Alibaba, speaks again. We all know he likes to brag about how great will Alibaba become, but this time he is saying “China does not have a pure Internet company”. Duh? How about Baidu?

Interestingly, when I was in Shanghai, I heard from a friend that the work load at Alibaba is high, average employee has to work until 9 PM (I assume they start at 9 AM). I have not verify this but here is a glimpse of work life at Alibaba.  

By the way, Alibaba is planing an IPO for its B2B unit in HKSE. 

2 thoughts on “Home Inns and Alibaba update

  1. 用个例不能代表整体吧


  2. Good to know work at Alibaba is as demanding as I thought (was told). Hope Ma Yun can offer you guys some stock options, too 🙂

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