Shoe Business is Hot

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A while ago Amazon launched Endless, its shoes and hand bags division. To promote its web site, Endless is giving away $5 for Overnight shipping. Maybe guys at Amazon learned that from Google Checkout promotion?

Zappos, the largest shoe store on the web, is continuing gain momentum. I used their service and was satisfied with them.

Early this week, Payless Shoes buys Stride Rite; Nike partners with Foot Locker; and FL talks with Genesco (Genesco is Journeys’ parent company). 

Payless and FL are discount shoes retailer, while Stride Rite and Genesco are specialty shoes retailer. Stride Rite are kids shoes store, Genesco owns Journeys (Youth’ shoes store) and Johnston Murphy (gentlemen shoes).

Interestingly, I saw Crocs knockoff at Payless, and as you guessed Crocs has big shelf pace at Stride Rite 🙂 

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