Name Change is Fashion

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I thought Chinese colleges like to change their names, such as my undergraduate alma mater, Huazhong Institute of Technology (HIT), changes its name to Huazhong University in Science and Technology (HUST) during 1987-1988, it changed its Chinese name again in 1990s (From 理工Li Gong to 科技Ke Ji). 

It seems some US schools like name changes too. My graduate alma mater, University of Missouri at Rolla, is going to change its name to Missouri University in Science and Technology, so it will be a MUST for short. The main change is replace Rolla with S&T. I can understand the rationale behind this change, but I still prefer UMR to MUST. Although I have been in St. Louis for 7 years now, I miss my days in Rolla (the Wal-mart, Hardeer, Tokyo’s, and friends there).

It’s not a big deal for a middle career person like me, but I expect it will have some negative effect on the new gradutes looking for jobs, because of the name confusion. On the other hand, the company creating the new logos and new marketing materials will be very happy 🙂  

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