CROX Doubled

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On Dec 15, 2006 I bought 46 shares of CROX at $42.40. I bought and sold (traded) more CROX afterwards, but I kept those 46 shares all the time. This morning it reached as high as $85.10.

This is the first bagger (stock go up more than 100%) I have since I started investing in US stocks. I have bought some potential baggers before, such as ICE, but I only hold it for a day. It went from $38.75 (the price I bought at Nov 2005) to $150 in about a year. For the record, my worst record in US stock is NINE (Ninetowns): bought it at IPO Dec 2004 at $12.63, 7 months later I sold it at $5.95. So it’s about 50% loss.

Also in the news, Crocs will announce its fall lineup in the New York Fashion Footwear Show. It also announced “you by Crocs” seris. It appears to me Crocs knockoff does not have any significant impact on Crocs sales. In other words, I think if Crocs ever fail, it won’t caused by competition, it will be themselves.  

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