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Here is the Yahoo Finance experts’ blogs. Among them I like Ben Stein the best, because of his wit and humor, Laura Rowley and Jeremy Siegel are also my favorites. Laura talked about “happiness and money”, as you may know there is a balance between those two. Her background in theology makes her talk more interesting too. Jeremy is a professor in Finance at Wharton, I read his recent book “The Future for the Investors” 2 years ago. His analysis is good, but I don’t like his conclusion: basically he is saying individual investors have no way to beat the market, so go buy the index fund and settle for the market return (about 10% annually). While I think what he said has some merits, I do believe there are chances for individual investor, if one has the time, disicipline and average IQ.

Ben Stein is unique because he got background in movie acting (Hollywood), economy and law. His article is fun to read because he talked about things around him, yet very educational. Here is a recent article by him.

For us small investors (savers), a more close example may be Mr. Sun, the blogger of thesunsfinancialdiary. The thing we could learn is not just his saving and investing system, which I do admire but had to admit I can not handle a system like his,  nevertheless we could all learn his disicipline of saving and investing over the time.

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