iPod refurbished deal ?

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This sounds like a deal (dealsea), $129 for a refurbished iPod nano. If you want more discount, you can click through fatwallet. You need to register at fatwallet to get the cashback.

iPod nano pic

For those iPhone junkie, here is an opportunity to win an iPhone, by participating in the stock picks contest hosted by WR Hambrecht and Motley Fool.

Talking about the price of iPod, let me put it in some perspective. An iPod Nano 4GB costs $189. It was made in Shenzhen, China and shipped by Fedex (Air).

Yesterday I received my front bumper shipped from the LA. That big part was made (mold) in Taiwan, shipped across the pacific by ship, travelled half the continental US by truck, and it cost me $179. You tell me which business is more profitable? 


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