NBA Finals: the winner, the loser

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All right, the all mighty San Antonio Spurs swept Cleveland Cavalier 4 games in a row, and gave the Cleveland little chance during all 4 games. So the winner is obviously the Spurs, its team and fans. Among those players in the Spurs, Michael Finley is the happiest because it’s the first championship during his 12 years NBA career. Robert Horry, on the other hand, seemed pretty cool with it because it’s his 7th. Tony Parker is happy too because not only did he get the MVP, he is going to marry with his financee soon.

How about James? Well, he got his second kid yesterday. At age of 22, he made it to the NBA final and will likely to get a ring or two in his career. He also made tons of money, what can he complain about? At least he is luckier than Eric Snow, who played 10+ years and still hope to get a champion with the help of LeBron.

The loser is obviously Nike and David Stern. Did you see the Nike commercial “We are all witness” featuring King James? Well, the “King” is not quite the King yet. Maybe less shoe sales for Nike? Hope they can make up some with the Tony Parker version?

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