Fedex Ground is now Home Delivery

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I guess they changed name to differentiate from “UPS Ground”?  

I got my refurbished iPod today, from Fedex Ground (a.k.a. Home Delivery) office instead of receiving it at home. They attempted to deliver twice last week, but I was not at home in both occasions. The strange thing is they did not leave a notice. Yesterday (Monday) I received an email from Apple telling me the situation. So I went to the Fedex office because it’s close to where I work. But the Home Delivery office opens from Tuesday to Saturday. So I went there again today, and finanlly I got it.


I also tried to send a small item via Fedex Ground, the quote I got was $7.70; I felt it’s too expensive so I drove to US Post Office and paid $5.30 for Priority Mail. Probablly worth the time and gas on the way 🙂 

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