Blackstone, Crocs and Starbucks

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People who bought the Blackstone (BX) at its IPO debut (around 35), will regret “chasing hot stocks” now. I don’t know how the Chinese State Investment Co. (who took 8% stake at around $3 b) felt about this. Oh well, they are in this for long haul.

Crocs stock (CROX) got a hit today. Barrons ran an article on weekend reminding people taking some profit now, I did it on Monday. But I’m still bullish on the company’s business, especially interntional front: hope people don’t just buy knockoffs?

Mindray received “buy” rating and $36 target price from Brean Murray, according to MSN.

Starbucks is going to India, according to Reuters. Don’t read too much from this as they just started doing business in India. Note Starbucks is very much a US based company now, although they have hundreds stores in China now, but that can not compared to 9,000 stores in the US. Long term, I mean a few years down the road, China will have meaningful contribution to SBUX’s top and bottom line. It’s still the investment stage (a.k.a. planting the seeds, pouring the money) now.

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