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Got some new T-shirts lately. My current T-shirts are mostly a few years old, some can even date back to my college years at Rolla, that’s almost 8 or 9 years old! I decided to retire some of those that no longer fit.

I got my first new shirt shortly after I came back (in May), at Banana Republic. It was $9.99. It felt very comfortable. While I stop by BR after that, I intentionally hold it because I saw plenty of same shirts there and they will further discount. Today (a month later) I went there the same thing cost $5.99, so I bought two more. It’s made in Singapore, by the way.

Last few weeks I also bought some shirts at Aeropostale (ARO), for $5.99 a piece. This evening at Galleria I stepped into Jimmy’Z the first time, they have some nice shirts on sale, so I bought 2 again, at $9.99 per piece. Note Jimmy’Z is subsidiay of Aero, while Aero core customers are 11 to 18, Jimmy’Z focus on 18 to 25 years old (as you can read the Summary of Aero at Google Finance).

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