Vaccine shot and Health care

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I am getting the Hepatitis B vaccine shot lately, already got two shots done, and will have the last one in about 6 months. Each shot cost me $35.00. Note this is the rate at County Health Dept, other places will be more expensive. Vaccination is not my favorite thing when I was a pre-school kid, I remeber I used to run around to avoid the village doctors giving me the shots. Because the doctors are friends of my mom, they used to laugh at me all the time. But I got all the shots regardless and continue to receive free shots in primary school, middle school.

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Yesterday I got chance to watch Michael Moore’ new documentary “Sicko”. I know this is going to be controversial, so I am not going there. I don’t necessarily agree with everything on the movie, but it’s one of those movies that almost make me cry. I don’t know if the vaccination in China is still free or not, with China trying to learn everything from the west, I just wish they don’t learn the US health care system. Because I know a lot people in China can not spend $105 for the Heptitis B shot.

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