Starbucks out of Forbidden City

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But the controversy is not over. Here is a Chinese article talking about the “culture misunderstanding between China and the west”. On a related matter, people are wondering those “American Express” sponsored boards (in English) should remain.

American Express Forbidden City

For the reference, when I visited the Biltmore, the largest house in America, I did see they intentionally put all the concessions (food, drink) outside the main building. Also, in the Great Canyon National Park, I saw the Japanese translation, but there is not corporate sponsorship, it’s all created by National Park. Last but not least, in the Smoky Mountain National Park, I saw a sign of Rockefeller foundation, because they donate significant money to create the park (the following pic is clickable).


On the other hand, while I think these are interesting topics, we have far more important things to discuss and work on in China: food and drug safety, health care, education,…

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