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Warren Buffett is a popular guy in China, although he has not visited China. But his book (more accurately the books about his investing philosophy) has been translated into Chinese. Such as this one, Buffett’s letters to shareholders, which is good. But there are many other knockoffs, such as this one, Lin Yuan the Chinese Buffett, I haven’t read the whole book, but read a piece of it. I think Lin Yuan is a sharp guy, but he is not Chinese Buffett.

Buffett is also quoted and talked frequently on the TV, as I saw the CCTV program “how we can learn from Buffett”, in which the host talked why Buffett’s holdings, American Express, Coca Cola and Gillete are great companies. I think the talk is good but not very useful: because he was mostly stating an after fact, without mentioning too much the companies’ special siuation when Buffett bought them. If we follow his advice and buy some value companies such as “Johnson&Johnson” or “Pfizer”, which is exactly what I did a while ago, we pretty much left the money dead in the water. He also compared Guishou Moutai (600518.SS) with Coca Cola, which is a bit misleading.

In my mind, we should read the original, instead of the translated or “digested by others”, version of Warren Buffett. We are grown ups, we should not eat the food already bitten by our grandma or “experts”. The following is an affliated link to Buffett’s book sold at Amazon.

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