Warren Buffett’s Secret Millionaire’s Club

Reading Time: < 1 minute Financial education for the kids of course, learn from the grand master is the best way. Here it is, buffett’s secret millionaire’s club cartoon. This is a more systematic approach, which includes a lot different concept on personal finance and investing, such as saving, rate of return/capital expenditure (modeled after See’s Candy), etc.

Questions for Warren in this year annual shareholder meeting

Reading Time: < 1 minute Also collected here. 1. Why invest in Utilities? Does not Utilities need a lot of capital, what’s the difference between Utilities and the original Berkshire (BRK.A, BRK.B) textile business? You did explained in your letter that utilities can deploy capital for a decent return. And I read this old article “Why Buffett is buying utilities”… Continue reading Questions for Warren in this year annual shareholder meeting

Buffett on the market

Reading Time: < 1 minute New York Times Op-ed piece (10/17/08): Buy American. I Am. Buffett article Fortune Magazine 11/10/2001: Warren Buffett on the Stock Market: What’s in the future for investors You can read more Buffett and Munger stuff at Warren & Charlie page.

Most expensive lunch?

Reading Time: < 1 minute This is probablly the most expensive lunch: Chinese fund manager Zhao Dan Yang won the Buffett lunch bid for $2.1 million (International Herald Tribune). The proceeds benifit Glide foundation, a San Francisco based charity formerly supported by Warren Buffett former wife Susan Buffett (Susan passed away in 2005?). My 2 cents I was surprised by… Continue reading Most expensive lunch?

Can value investing work in China market?

Reading Time: 2 minutes USA today has an interesting article regarding Chinese investors (speculator more precise) learning a tough lesson in the domestic stock market. The article used two example to explain: (Picture source: USAtoday.com) In October (2007), Wang, 45, invested $2,800 in a Beijing real estate firm, chosen, Wang explains, “because it’s called an ‘Olympic stock,’ and ought… Continue reading Can value investing work in China market?

Walter Schloss also beats S&P

Reading Time: 2 minutes and he had done it for 47 years (maybe not every year, but compound annual return), that’s pretty good. The following is quoted from Buffett 2006 shareholder letter, you can get the full letter at Berkshire web site: …… Let me end this section by telling you about one of the good guys of Wall… Continue reading Walter Schloss also beats S&P

Everyone wants to be Buffett

Reading Time: < 1 minute Warren Buffett is a popular guy in China, although he has not visited China. But his book (more accurately the books about his investing philosophy) has been translated into Chinese. Such as this one, Buffett’s letters to shareholders, which is good. But there are many other knockoffs, such as this one, Lin Yuan the Chinese… Continue reading Everyone wants to be Buffett

Buffett Berkshire Hathaway 2006 Annual Letter

Reading Time: < 1 minute Here is this year’s letter (in PDF). I read his letters a few years back. Recently I bought his book   (at right side bar, in blue), it’s essentially a collection of his annual shareholder letters. His letters are highly regarded in the investing community. I hope one day I could go to his annual shareholder meeting in Omaha. It was said he… Continue reading Buffett Berkshire Hathaway 2006 Annual Letter