Can not get the time right

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There is an old saying “one can not teach old dog new tricks”. This exactly applied to me, I am talking about programming for my blog. More accurately, I could not get the time of this blog correct.

This blog is hosted in a hosting company at Utah (US Mountain time), and I normally live in St. Louis (US central time), that’s one hour difference from Utah. Also from time to time I visit Shanghai (Beijing time), which is 13 or 14 hours ahead of St. Louis depends on the daylight saving setting.

I used the PHP date function to get the time currently. It does it supposed to do: get the time from the server (mountain time). But I don’t know how can I adjust the time zone after that. It seems an easy problem, but after spending several hours on it, hit my head agains the wall, still could not get it solved. This is just a small problem I have with my blog. I have a long way to go if I really want to learn the PHP and other the web programming stuff.

I remember an old saying in Chinese 隔行如隔山, or put it in English “there is a mountain (of difference) in different trades or jobs”. I think I can appreciate it now.

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