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Last Saturday we went to Xu Jia Hui, one of the better known shopping centers in Shanghai. I voguely remember there were not too much when my bro and I visited there in 1991. It was completely developed in last 15 years. There are many stores, including Gang Hui Plaza, Metro City, etc. We found the newest store in Xu Jia Hui, Best Buy, the US electronics and applicance retailer. I heard from Wang Jianshuo the Best Buy opened its first store in Shanghai. But when I stood at the sky bridge leading to Best Buy, I was still a bit surprised. The store has 4 stories and lots of people, both customers and store clerks. Here are some pictures:


The store has more people than a US store on black Friday (official holiday shopping start day).



Geeksquad, the services team, is also here. A while ago yours truely seriously thought about this business idea, actually I had served couple clients.


We bought some iPod Nano cases.


While it’s too early to tell whether Best Buy will be successul as McDonald and KFC did in China, I felt Chinese customer liked the new shopping experience at Best Buy. It’s quite different from Gome and Su Ning.

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