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I added some Chinese financial blog under “blogroll”. Two notables are Dan Bin (CEO of a private equity in Shenzhen), and Zhu Ping (Guangfa Fund manager, a graduate from Shanghai Univ. of Finance and Economics). Both are disciples of Buffett. Dan Bin bought a share of Berkshire so that he could attend the Berkshire annual shareholder meeting in Omaha.

Here is an interesting story written by Dan Bin.

关于2007年9月11日市场下跌的短信记录: (text message transcript: amid yesterday’s China market drop).

朋友:今天跌得好凶啊,还会跌吗?怕怕的。Friend: What a big drop! Will it continue to drop?
但斌:有可能。 Danbin: It’s possible.
朋友:啊!时间会长吗? Friend: Ouch. Will the drop last long?
但斌:这个上帝知道。 Danbin: Only God knows.
朋友::-(那咋办 Friend: What should I do?
Danbin: hold on, let me call the God and ask the question for you.

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