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This time I am not travelling alone 🙂

I spent past 3 months here in Shanghai, plus a few months I spent early this year, this year marks the longest time I stayed in China since 1997. I enjoyed my time (for the most part) here. At the same time I learned a lot things: by my own observations and by talking to friends. I already talked a bit in my blog; I will try to touch some more after I come back.

Of course, the most significant thing for me this year, is not Shanghai or China, not my work, or make money from stocks. It’s seeing my wife Ruixian, and getting to know each other better. There is something in life money can not buy. The other day when I talked to friends, we joked the marriage is different from stock in the sense that one doesn’t want to “sell” it.

I know for Ruixian, that’s her first US trip. I still remember much the details before and during my first trip. I hope hers will be unique. And then I can show her some interesting things in the “Show me state”.

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