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Vanke (00002.SZ) expects a 100% to 150% profit growth in 2007 (vs. 2006). That translated to a 67% to 100% increase of earning per share. Chairman Wang Shi is saying the China real estate industry is still fragmented: Vanke has 1.25% of market share.

Longtop Financial (LFT), the new IPO, is under pressure today. Bought some more at $27.87. As one would expect, the stock went lower after I bought.

St. Louis is colder and drier than I thought. Not a warm welcome to my wife Ruixian, either πŸ™‚

Afraid of all the fall leaves being gone soon, we toured the scenic Missisipi drive from Alton to Graftion yesterday afternoon. There are plenty of people at “loading docks” etc. Back to American way of leisure…

I met an interesting business traveller on the AA 0288 flight. He is an American who works for We talked a bit about the online dating business. He just spent two weeks in Japan and Beijing. I haven’t done much travel for my work; and in the past I always dreamed having a job that does lots of travel. But my recent two trips to Shanghai changed my mind. On both planes back to St. Louis I got sick.

There are lots of reasons for this, my own stupidity to eat dumplings before boarding the plane is one, the stress of working and living in Shanghai can also count one. But I think long distance travelling like cross pacific is not easy job itself, unless one’s body has been trained to that.

Another common thing is jet leg. I learned one tip from a pastor about this. He told me he would take a sleeping pill for the first night after arrival. The rest would be fine. I think it has some merits. I would add “no alcohol, no coffee,…” after arrival.

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