CROX almost crashed

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(Update: 10pm Nov. 1 CDT) The Crocs board approved up to 1 million shares buy back immediately. See this news from Reuters. Crocs has about 80m shares outstanding as of now.

(Original 5pm Nov. 1 CDT) From yesterday closing price of $74.75, to today’s closing price of $47.74. It’s a $27.01 hair cut, or 36.13% loss. I was kind of caught off guard, as it had two spectacular quarters in Q1 and Q2, also due to I just got back from counting Crocs in Shanghai. Because I heavily weighted this stock before the earning, my portfolio had its largest loss in one day.

But in stock, we should look forward, not backward. There is no “what if”, “should have”, “would have”, etc. Fundamentally, the company and the business are still OK. But short term, I am a little reluctant to catch the falling knife πŸ™‚

A better idea may be buy some of the new Crocs products, the Mammoth crocs looks pretty warm, huh?

crocs mammoth pic


  1. apparently it’s getting cold, and less and less people would buy crocs. the pair on the pic looks ok, but i still prefer a pair of UGG. No doubt lots of female buyers are on my side.

  2. Sophie,
    The UGG looks very nice. I think you may check out Youbycrocs, that’s the fashion version of Crocs. Being a loyal CROX stock holder, now I need to help them to market the merchandise πŸ™‚

    Seriously, let me know what you think if you ever saw those.



  3. You wanna a true honest opinion from a female consumer? The plummet may have nothing to do with the weather.

    Crocs are just tasteless.

  4. stiplace,
    You are right we should look forward and not backward in stock trading.
    Crox is temporarily or permanently gone? We have yet to see. In a month or 2 we may see many upgrades again!!??
    Hope you take note Crox movement closely.

  5. LaoZhang,
    I like this comment from the article:
    “…Skeptics of these shoes are forgetting what makes the shoes inherently different: they are not worn for style or to make a fashion statement. On the contrary, many people say they look weird and ugly, yet they love them for the comfort the shoes provide…”

    PS, I gave my offroad Crocs to my in-law because he tried it and liked it.

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