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I usually have a weekly call with my parents. My mom knows I investing in stocks. On today’s call she suggested I touch less on stocks. I think this sums up the sentiment of Chinese stock market very well. After recent drop of the A share market, people are weary of what the goverment will do (further) to cool down the market.

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Similarly, in the US market, the credit market problem is worsing day by day. One day you hear Morgan Stanley wrote down 3.7 billion, another day you hear Bear Stern has further write down the two hedge funds. Like in the China market, people are waiting for another shoe to drop. In a small scale, yesterday Starbucks, the best coffee shop (a.k.a., fashionable gathering places for people have a taste), painted a not-so-good picture for US sales in 2008. I still think I am not in a position to time the market; but I think we have more opportunities when people are skeptical.

On the other hand, I think we do need to listen to our parents from time to time, even after we grow up.

So what will I do? I will still invest in stocks. But I promise I will do it in a responsible way, mom 🙂

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