Looking back at year 2007

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The following was my the new year resolution for year 2007. I am putting my comments in italic.

Spend more quality time with family and friends; cut Internet and TV time.
Did the first part, I did spend more time with my parents, brother’s family, and my wife (girl-friend). Whether quality or not is up to them to judge 🙂

Second part, I really need to cut more aggressively on TV and Internet. I need to do more reading this year.

Drive safely. Walk safely. Drive and walk safely.
I did ok. I drove more local vs. highway, because I felt it’s more relaxing to drive local. I need to exercise more.

Pay off the Home Equity Line of Credit (currently 8.5% interest rate).
Not done. As the rate dropping, I found it’s a good idea to borrow and invest if I can get better return than the borrowing rate. I think my debt is at very much controlled level.

Consolidate checking accounts (from 3 to 2); same for the credit cards usage.
Yes or No. I did switch main checking acct from a remote bank to local. I am happy with my credit card usage: both balance transfer cards and cash back cards.

Regular investment in stock markets: looking for fast grower, turn around story, and asset play…
See my investments review for year 2007.

New initiatives for 2008
1) CFA level I, continue to learn about investing.

2) Family time; excerise more.

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